Harbour Facilities

In Marina Chiavari you can be sure to be the center of our attention.

Security, professionalism, comfort. Marina Chiavari is not only a strategic mooring point to leave and explore the Ligurian Sea, the High Mediterranean and the marvellous Tigullio environs, but is also an institution capable of guaranteeing the safety of your watercraft docked at the wharfs and offering numerous services for yachtsmen, on land or see.

Discover how pleasurable mooring at Marina Chiavari can be: from the assistance on the wharf to the exclusive services and facilities, we have thought of everything to make our guests’ stay comfortable.

Mooring assistance

Marina staff is always available and provide efficient, 24/7 mooring assistance to all users, even with a dingy by calling the radio room on VHF channel 10.

Mooring at the transit wharf

The transit quay can host up to 35 watercrafts, with 12 equipped moorings. To announce your arrival at the harbour and to request a mooring, contact the VHF radio Channel 10.

Slipway with electric capstan

In the harbour, in the towing area there is a slipway provided with electric capstan. Marina Chiavari is the only harbour in the Tigullio area that has this innovative service available. It is designed for the small vessel, not only for clients, but also for external users that are interested in using the slipway to launch their boat. To arrange the service, contact the marina staff, available 24/7 at +39 3392291037.

Harbour safety

The whole harbour area is monitored 24/7, under video surveillance.
Every pier is equipped with a key lock gate. The main entrance is regulated with automated barriers.


Marina Chiavari is equipped with a helicopter pad that allows you to deal with health emergency situations in Chiavari and the surrounding area. Each moorkeeper is instructed and prepared to carry out the necessary maneuvers to assist the staff in this type of service.


Inside the harbour there are 63 parking spots for cars and motorbikes.

Free Wi-fi

The harbour area is covered with free internet wireless connection “Liguria Wi-Fi”.
To navigate you just need to register from your device. For more information: http:// www.regioneliguriawifi.it/it/

Elevator for disabled guests

A dockside elevator is available, to make the sea accessible to everyone.

Towing and launching

In Marina Chiavari towing and launching services are available with travel lift and tow track. The beaching tank is 30 x 6,5 m.
There is also a regularly licensed hull washing tank inside the port.

Control tower

Clearly visible on top of the West quay, the office headquarters is near the tower. Here you can find the port management offices, administrative offices, the boatswain and the marina staff (Boatswain Hold).

First aid

In the harbour there is an Italian Red Cross clinic for first aid. It is open Monday to Saturday from
10.00 am to 12.00 pm, Wednesdays from 3.00pm to 5.00pm.

Wharf potable water and electric power

Potable water supply and electric power connections with 16 and 32 amp service are available at all the columns on piers and wharfs.


In the harbour, on the north pier side, under the seaside promenade, you can find restrooms, with showers and a nursery space for the kids.

Weather forecast

Personalised nautical weather forecasting for boating is provided by Navimeteo. It is also possible
to check weather conditions while in harbour – the screens are available at the control tower entrance.


Marina Chiavari supports and respects the city’s recycling efforts. There are various areas in the harbour site where you can find different recycling bins: mixed waste, liquid waste, paper, plastic and glass.
Moreover, Marina Chiavari provides a modern and efficient eco zone where harbour guests can recycle hazardous materials, such as used oils and batteries.
In order to protect the quality of marine waters around the harbour and beyond, a bilge effluent station is available in the marina for all sailors, allowing them to be treated without releasing them at sea.