santuarioCreated by the Italian Minister of Environment and Land Protection the Pelagos Sanctuary is designed for aquatic mammal protection. An international agreement between Italy, France and Principality of Monaco formed the Sanctuary as is an extended protected area in the High Tyrrhenian marine area with the intention of protecting cetaceans (whales, dolphins and porpoises) and their natural habitat.
The Sanctuary is a marine area of 87.500 km². It’s “large-scale ecosystem” perptuates a significant scientific, socio-economic, cultural and educational interest.


Seabeds to discover

The Portofino Marine Protected Area is another gem to behold. Feast your eyes on the raw beauty of the pristine coastline dotted with small bays and coves bordering tiny Ligurian villages.


If you would like to visit the “B” zone in the marine protected area – where anchoring is prohibited – you can find comfortable mooring in S. Fruttuoso of Capodimonte.
To ensure a stopover for boats up to 24 meters in length (white or orange buoys) and smaller boats, head to Cala Inglesi and Punta Chiappa (white buoys).
In the center of the “B” zone, the beautiful bay of S. Fruttuoso of Camogli awaits, with its medieval abbey set on the beach, steps from the sea.

In the “C” zones you will be charmed by a coastline where the man was able to harmoniously merge traditional architecture with the surrounding natural habitat – like old fishermen’s houses, and fairy tale villas. Here are the splendid villages of Portofino, Paraggi and Porto Pidocchio. Please pay attention to the information contained on the Portofino Marine Protected Area site. There are, in fact, areas where the berth is prohibited or limited and mooring areas are under construction to facilitate the boating.

Below the surface of the sea, there is another whole world to discover! There are meadows of Posidonia Oceanica, big rock walls covered by gorgonians, corals and other beautiful animals.
In the Portofino Marine Protected Area nature offers breathtaking glimpses, even underwater, You can see it yourself with the help of expert divers from one of the numerous area diving centers, or by taking a short and interesting cruise along the rocky coast of the heritage area. The biodiversity on the seabeds and along the protected coast is rich and diverse
In some parts of the “C” zone, the land seems to merge with the marine one: here trees, bushes and vegetation are exceptionally close to the water’s surface.

For sea lovers, there is also an opportunity to spend a day with a fishermen while he carries out his small coastal fishing – a traditional activity that deepens his roots in the past.

Due to the richness of the marine species and the marine environment, Portofino Marine Protected Area has become a “Specially Protected Area of Mediterranean Interest” (ASPIM). It shares this prestigious recognition with only a few other mediterranean marine protected areas.
In Portofino Marine Protected Area you can be entralled and have fun. Whether accompanied by expert guides or exploring on your own, please respect the environment and pay attention to the regulations, available for download on http://www.portofinoamp.it.
Swimming, snorkelling and diving are allowed everywhere except in the integral reserve zone (“A” zone). Therefore, you have nothing to stop you from visiting as long as you respect the area and it’s inhabitants.